Colors perfectly harmonized

Finding the right colors for your bedroom have never been easier! Point the phone camera on the wall and see matching colors. Explore the variety of combinations, adjust color palette and save the best one. Open Adobe Photoshop Color Swatch (.aco) palettes and export your own palettes to ACO format. Find 4 matching colors and use 10 different algorithms to choose the set of colors in your taste. Find them with Color Harmony!

Colors tailored for you

Use different algorithms and modes to create amazing color palettes. Some algorithms are configurable, so you can adjust it to your needs. If you have no idea how to start, click 'dices' icon to draw color and algorithm automatically.

Color details

All color details are under your fingertips. Display the color in all available modes without changing the mode itself. Copy hex code of the color with just one tap. You can even create new palette based on color you like.

Dominant colors

Sometimes you like one picture so much, that you would like to feel its atmosphere in your living room. Let Color Harmony do it for you. Pick the photo and see 5 dominant colors. Want to paint the room? Switch to RAL mode.
10 algorithms
4 color modes
Camera picker
ACO support
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